Offield Wedding

Shauna & Craig Offield's fun beach wedding at the Fiesta Americana Condesa Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Shauna & Craig: hilarious, in love, gracious, caring, fun, did I mention hilarious? They are a photographer's dream. They are super in love and they are up for anything. I should have known that their families are a reflection of their raising. They tied the knot in Cancun at the Fiesta Americana on a Sunday evening. It was one of the most entertaining weekends of my life. Their friends and family fiesta'd like there was no manana for sure! Water guns, volleyball, funny sunglasses and hats made for a great weekend. Shauna was stunning as usual, but especially on her wedding day. She and Craig were surrounded by the love and support of their families as they celebrated their marriage. I can not thank them enough for incuding me in their wedding plans. I feel so fortunate not only to have gotten to shoot it, but just to witness the two of them together on a sandy beach making goofy faces and tearing up with happiness... it was wonderful.