Mesuria Wedding

Piyush & Jaymee Mesuria's beautiful double wedding ceremony in Keenesburg, Colorado.

I am still in such a state of gratitude from being welcomed to take part in photographing this wedding. I got a phone call from my good friend Julia of Julia Pruitt Photography about shooting a wedding with her in Colorado. She had just had her first baby and it had been a while since we'd gotten to work together, so of course, I said yes! I had no idea how wonderful this experience would be. Jaymee & Piyush are such a fun couple with the sweetest families. We got to photograph a double ceremony that included a traditional Indian ceremony that afternoon and an American ceremony that evening. I could go on and on about my first Indian wedding, but I'll just save time and say that the traditions in this ceremony made me tear up more than a few times. The difference in ceremonies and families just made it so much more apparent how beautiful it is when two families come together to celebrate the joining of a bride & groom on their wedding day.