A little about my story...

I am a creative. You know that one friend you have that is so “artsy?” That’s this lady. Primarily I am a wedding photographer and a portrait painter. I also happen to be pretty handy with a magna-doodle or some sidewalk chalk. (Most of my art now-a-days is directed towards my kiddo.) Some of my favorite artists are Michelangelo (yes, that one), Geoff Duncan, Freddy Mercury & Wade Bowen.

I grew up in Stephenville, Texas and spent much of my childhood traveling up and down I-35 to Nebraska to visit my extended family. I come from a line of creative people. My grandpa had his own dark room in the basement and was the person who gave me my first book on photography in grade school along with my first camera: a film Minolta complete with automatic zoom and a sweet carrying case. I ended up joining the yearbook staff in high school and began taking senior portraits for friends. A few Nikons, many friends made and thousands of photos later, here I am! 

I have a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Art from Tarleton, which basically means I spent my college days painting, drawing, sculpting and memorizing art history text books. I spent a few years doing graphic design for different universities and newspaper advertising after graduation. My aim now is to put my knowledge of finding light, composing a piece and focusing on a subject to use in my photography. I'm continually inspired by the past and create artistic images by juxtaposing old against new. However, my very favorite thing is documenting couples that are truly in love and people that light up a room with their “happy.” I have the very best job in the world because I continually get the privilege to do just that.

My best friend, Brandon, and I have been married for over ten years. We have a two year old little Beebop named Kayla. I am lucky enough to stay home with her every day to read library books, make pasta and draw mermaids. We currently live in San Angelo and I work anywhere from here to Fort Worth, although I do have my passport and am always up for traveling! I am constantly humbled that I get to photograph others and am honored that you are interested in having me document the beginning of your love story.

Have a look around my website, and please contact me if you like what you see.